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Theater Arts

One Act Play 2017-2018


For the 3rd year in a row, Memorial Middle School Theatre Company took home an award at the District UIL One-Act Play meet. This year they took 3rd place with their interpretation of Paul Marr’s Noodle Doodle Box under the direction of Mrs. P. Yari Peña. The 40 minute production was carried out by a cast of 3 7th grade students, which made the job an even more difficult one. Knowing they were competing against casts of up to 15 students, the actors knew they had to work even harder. With special attention to characterization and diction, the 2nd year Theatre students were able to make the audience laugh and really emerge themselves in the story. The show was performed flawlessly and with great pride from all cast and crew. Memorial Theatre Company who also took home and Excellence rating at the 2nd annual MaGibbons Theatre Festival in December, is now preparing for their next Middle School Festival this upcoming March.





Families at Memorial Middle School were invited to participate in Literacy Night.  The event, which was created to promote reading at home as a family, was sponsored by the library in collaboration with, Mrs. P. Yari Peña and her 6th grade Theatre Arts students.  Guided by their director, the students dramatized a beloved children’s story by Dr. Seuss for the community as they modeled proper read aloud skills. Through this process, the parents became aware of how powerful a read aloud can be.  It also allowed the children to feel confident in their reading and gave them the opportunity to demonstrate how they process full understanding of the stories they read.

                The presentation concluded with a brief explanation of AR testing and what the school expectation is for the students. The families were then able to work as a unit on several activities including an original Seuss inspired pin button creation.

                The evening ended with door prizes that included family activities, school supplies, books and other goodies.