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Posted Date: 01/31/2018

M.M.S Treble Choir Christmas Concert!

The M.M.S Treble Choir annual Christmas concert at the Memorial Middle School is a standing tradition in the choral community. On Tuesday, December 12 the M.M.S Treble Choir performed their Christmas repertoire for their “Christmas Concert” which took place at the school’s Cafeteria at 5:00 p.m. The students stepped into the festive setting and sang five of out six performances, titles like “Let It Snow,” “Frosty the Snow Man,” “On A Cold Christmas Day,” “Winter Lullaby,” and “Feliz Navidad” were sang to their families and friends whom came to support their hard work. 

Not only did the M.M.S Treble Choir performed that evening, but also the M.M.S Mariachi Los Lobitos, performed a lovely song titled “Carino” sung by Yaaresi Sanchez.

Treble Choir Group 

Mhya Perez, Brianna Garza, Briana Moreno, Frida Beltran, Daniel Flores, Juan Urbina, Valeria Lopez (Choir/Mriachi), Perla Carmona, Ruby Resendez, Briana Rodriguez, Perla Sanchez, Viviana Rios, Develin Chapa, Mariana Hilarios, Kimberly Barrios, Edith, Julissa Alvarez, Jose Gonzalez, Karina Salinas (Choir/Mariachi), Yanali Ortiz (Choir/Mariachi), Hannah Garcia (Choir/Mariachi), Amerika Salgado (Choir/Mariachi), Ramiro Rodriguez , Araely Ruiz, Katherine Garza and Teylani Cortez (Choir/Mariachi).

Mariachi Los Lobitos Group

Carley Barrios, Jose Villarreal, Yaaresi Sanchez, Melanie Cervantes, Ivonee Cortez, Esperanza Garcia, Mariela Silva, Elias Benitez, Isabella Zapata, Efrain Garza, Giselle Garza, Dithzmark Vazquez, Clara Castillo, Leslie Gutierrez.


Choir Concert