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MMS Celebrates Constitution Day

Posted Date: 08/26/2018

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MMS Celebrates Constitution Day


Eighth grade students at Memorial Middle School are currently learning about the U.S. Bill of Rights in their social studies classes. After their 8th grade teacher, Mr. Jose Hernandez introduce the concepts on the Bill of Rights, students were assigned a project which called for them to further investigate and interpret pertinent information as a take home assignment. In addition, students were provided the opportunity to present on their findings in various formats such as power point presentations, dioramas, etc. Shown here are Mr. Hernandez’s 8th grade 5th period Social Studies students, who not only created a fine musical production, but also provided such specificity in their creations that they are displayed on the school website for all to enjoy. Mr. Hernandez would like to thank all of his students who took part in this assignment and hopes they had an enjoyable experience doing so. Great Job, 8th grade students for taking the time to highlight your talents at Memorial Middle School - the school with PRIDE! To view student production, please visit our school website at

MMS Celebrates Constitution ay